Stern Paymaster Services

We facilitate international Transaction Services for Corporate Finance transactions in Mergers & Acquisitions with a Paymaster account Services.

STERN Paymaster Services provide a secure Third Party Agent to control over cash assets, helping to protect your Transaction services for the payments of the intermediaries

  • We have experienced Paymaster account specialists to organise international structuring financial solutions to servicing secure accounts in Europe, America and Asia.
  • Our STERN Escrow agreements simplify the documentation process, reducing negotiation times with less legal costs for your transaction
  • Our Corporate Clients can choose to hold Escrow amounts in a single party account or a join account.

An Escrow Account to protect your financial transactions

The role of STERN Paymaster  Services is to act as a neutral non-discretionary regulated Financial agent in a transaction, holding cash assets on behalf of the Paymaster parties with an escrow account. Funds are released in line with pre-agreed terms. Paymaster accounts can be opened in a wide range of currencies and are held in the EU Laws and protections. We work with several big Banks to open a segregate Escrow account.
 Stern_CS_Escrow account image
Why use an Paymaster account services in your Business ?
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Facilitation of an M&A transaction to cover holdback amounts related to reps and warranties, purchase price adjustments, regulatory approvals and employee retention, as well as ‘good-faith’ deposits, such as commitment/ability to fund a transaction
  • Financing: Counterparty risk in project and infrastructure finance, acquisition finance and cash collateralised credit
  • Capital Raising: To provide assurance to transaction parties that funding is in place for acquisition financing or pending an Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Regulatory Requirements: Holding of assets in Escrow to comply with government regulations in areas like environmental protection, real estate development, bankruptcies and pension protection.
  • Class action, litigation and structured settlement : To hold funds in Escrow awaiting an outcome of a court judgement, allowing safeguarding of assets during the appeals process
  • Indemnification : to pay an indemnification in a legal agreement

  • Contractor retention and construction : to guarantee the respect of the contracts with financial guarantees.

  • Private placements and subscription : to organise the payment of the funding in a secure way for investors with an independent payment agent.

  • Software licensing and source code : to organise the payment of the financial rights

  • Remediation and environmental protection : to pay ecological agreement

  • Real estate purchase and sales : to have a guarantee of payment

    Contact our Paymaster Account Services team for an taylor made proposal : cs (@) or by phone at +44 7442 377 155